Registrar's Office

Mr Katsi L
Mr Katsi L

Bachelor of Technology Education

(Creative Art & Design)

Diploma in Education

Certificate in Leadership and Management of Higher Education


The Head Of Department's Message

The Student Affairs Department in the college has the oversight function of all students’ general welfare. This unit provides direction, guidance and encouragement to students and offers them valuable assistance on different matters of college life including:

• Recruiting and admitting prospective students to the institution

• Orientation for new students

• Hostel accommodation allocation

• Hostel services and management

• Catering

• Health

• Guidance and counselling services

• Special services for students with special needs

• Regulations and protection of students rights

• Maintaining of students’ records

• Assisting students in deferment/Withdrawal processes

• Student disciplinary matters and

• Security of life and property of students

The department’s objective is to create conducive learning environments and ensure fruitful learning experiences for students through interacting with all college departments to achieve the ultimate goal of being the most trusted institution in teacher education.

The student affairs department is made up of members of staff who are dedicated to supporting the academic and personal development of students. They are committed to:

• helping students to develop coherent values and ethical standards.

• Ensuring effective use of resources to achieve institutional mission and vision.

• building a supportive and inclusive college community.


Ms. Chimedza M.

Assistant Dean of Students

Mr Munjoma M.

Assistant Dean of Students

Mrs Musasa, R

Chairperson - Admissions

Mr Tiki

Vice Chairperson - Admissions

Ms Matamba, M

Committee member - Admissions

Mr. Kundishora

Committee member - Admissions

Ms. Mandabva K.P.