Teaching Practice And Professional Development Studies

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Teaching area: Inclusive Education

Research interests: Inclusive education

The Head Of Department's Message

The Teaching Practice and Professional Development Studies (TP & PDS) welcomes you to all its college wide Diploma programmes. THE TP & PDS department is one of the biggest departments in the college. It comprises of the following sections, Teaching Practice, Pedagogics, Administration, Health and Life Skills, Inclusive Education and National Strategic Studies. The Mutare Teachers’ College Practicing School falls under the same department.The department offers both post A level two year and post O level three year diplomas in education and a sixteen month Pedagogics Diploma for non-holders of a teaching certificate.

The department aims at moulding a globally competitive teacher who is innovative, knowledgeable and responsive to contemporary issues and who can operate outside the four walls of the classroom. By so doing, we endeavour to fulfil our vision of being the most trusted and admired leader in teacher education as “The Jewel of Excellence”.

All the lecturers in the department are relevantly and highly qualified. In addition, they all strive to stay at the cutting edge of research and innovation in order to expose our students to the very best ideas in keeping with our Ministry’s education 5.0 policy.


Mrs T Bishau

L.I.C T.P.

Senior Lecturer

Teaching Subjects: Professional Development Studies.

Research interests: Teaching Methods

Mr D Chiomba

L.I.C Contemporary Studies Senior Lecturer

Teaching areas Inclusive Education

Research interest: Inclusive education

Mr R Damba


Senior Lecturer

Teaching areas NASS

Research interests: Global distributive justice, indigenous Knowledge systems and internationalization of higher education in Africa

Mr A Dandawa


Teaching areas IMT

Research interests: Design and technology and research

Mr Goba

Senior Lecturer

Teaching areas Professional development studies Religious Education

Research interests: Teaching Practice

Mrs N Karumbidza

Senior Lecturer

Teaching Areas Educational administration and management. Pedagogics

Research interests:

Dr K Kutiwa

L.I.C Pedagogics

Principal Lecturer

Teaching areas: Professional development studies

Research interests:

Ms G Muhenyeri

Senior Lecturer

Teaching areas: Pedagogics and Administration and Management

Research Interests:

Mr E Nyamangodo


Teaching area:

Research Interests: Design, Teaching methods

Dr J Razuwika

Senior Lecturer

Teaching area: Health and Life Skills

Research interests: Sexual and reproductive health education

Mrs A Sawuti

Senior Lecturer

Teaching area Health and Life Skills

Research Interests: Sexual harassment

Department Projects

  • Practising High School
  • ECD Centre