Science and Mathematics

The Science and Mathematics department aims to produce teachers through well designed syllabuses to broaden and deepen the students’ understanding of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics concepts ..

Computer Science, ICT and ODEL

The Department of Computer Science, ICT and ODEL is amongst the pivotal in the college. It comprises of three crucial sections namely Computer Science, ICT and ODEL..

Technical Department

The department comprises 5 subject areas namely; Agriculture, Art and Design, Building Technology and Design, Clothing Textile Technology and Design, Food Science Technology and Design, all designed for post ‘O’ level students...

Business Studies And Physical Education, Sport & Mass Displays

The department offers both post A level two year and post O level three year diplomas in education for secondary school teachers specialising in Accounting and Business Studies as single majors and Physical Education, Sport and Mass Displays (PESMD) as a double major..

Theory of Education

The department offers a foundation of educational theory and practice in the disciplines of Educational Psychology, Inclusive Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Administration, Philosophy and History of Education and Curriculum issues consistent with current trends..

Humanities and Languages

The department’s objective is to create conducive learning environment and ensure fruitful learning experiences for students. The courses are tailored to meet the 5.0 model of education which develops both the educators' and learners' problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, innovation, and an orientation towards the production of goods and services...